Western Canada Source For Hair Extensions Edmonton, Calgary & Lethbridge

Extension SamplesCool Amber is a new location in Alberta that specializes in sourcing hair extensions for women in Edmonton, Lethbridge, Calgary and other surrounding areas. Many local dealers that you purchase from have sourced through us as they trust our experience, knowledge and relationships with International Hair suppliers.

Our experience locally is mostly with small and independent salons or stylists who are looking for alternatives to sourcing their hair and accessories. We aim to provide a more affordable option so that these independent businesses can still survive against their mainstream competition.

Our Hair Extensions

Many Calgarians and Edmontonians appreciate our extensions as we regularly get praise from our clients. We do our best to only source 100% human hair which is either Virgin or Remy. We only deal with unprocessed hair but do take orders if a client requests a bundle to be bleached or dyed.

Our primary location for sourcing is in China and in India. We have family in both locations so it makes it very easy for us to communicate and negotiate with our suppliers.

Textures & Styles

We try and only work with clip-ins and sew-ins for most of our extensions. Although, there are the occasional times where we work with hot fusion as well. We also try our best to source hair from Brazil, India, Malaysia and Peru. Brazilian virgin has become so popular that it’s probably one of the most sold from our factories. Malaysian and Indian are also very sought-after as well.

Sourcing Information

Lace ClosureIf you would like more information on how you can work with us, then by all means feel free to reach out via our contact page. We are always looking for new independent salon owners or stylists and are confident that we can start a good long lasting relationship.

Pricing Information

Our pricing is generally very stable and consistent throughout the year. We usually don’t like to give out prices online and encourage any one who is interested to get in touch with us directly. We do try our best to negotiate with our independent clients to match their budget and plan for the fiscal year.